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Customer Satisfactory Questionnaire
In its continuous efforts to evaluate our services, General Security of Lebanon is addressing this evaluation questionnaire to its valued clients, in order to explore new ideas and measure the levels of the quality of the services we offer.
Therefore, your cooperation in filling this questionnaire is extremely important to our organization and we assure you that it will contribute significantly in improving our operations and services.
Characteristics Under Evaluation E VG S F U Remarks and/or Justifying and Specifying notes
1. Physical Appearance, Easiness to use and carry, and Accuracy of the information showing in the requested legal document(s)* that were delivered by GS (Passport, Visa or Residence Permit Please tick the service(s) you have received:
2. For information requested while applying, provide your evaluation of Clarity and Easiness to receive it from the GS personnel and/or through written instructions
3. Speed/timeliness of handling your transactions in General Security (quickly, delayed... or up too delayed
4. Attitude of GS staff throughout your transactions including reception, communication, information inquiring, applying and interfacing until completion of requested service
5. Overall quality of service received concerning requested legal GS documents (Passport, Visa or Residence Permit) Please tick the service(s) you have received:
Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Fair Unacceptable
Please State the things you liked the most
Please State the things you disliked the most
Please State any suggestions for improvement/changes of product/services
9 + 1